What is DOSS Social?

DOSS Social is a Tech-Powered License Holding & Referral Brokerage for Real Estate Agents that are NOT a Member of their Local, State, and National Association of REALTORS®.

Active Realtors®

Inactive Agents

No More:

 MLS Dues

 Association Dues

 Broker Fees

 Annual/Monthly Fees

 Membership/Signup Fees

You Get:

 35% Referral Fee

 70/30 Split




What is a Social Agent?

A Social Agent is not a REALTOR®, but better than being a real estate agent. There’s actually a difference… We actively network with the best REALTORS® in our community and introduce them to qualified clients that are ready to buy, rent, or sell. Think of us as real estate matchmakers. Professionally, we connect people with the best REALTOR®, to better ensure that our clients have the best experience possible in exchange for a referral fee. In other words, being a Social Agent, is a lifestyle!


Tech Company

DOSS is a Technology Company. You will have access to the best tech-tools available for Real Estate Agents.

No dues or fees, ever!

Social Agents will never pay any dues, fees, monthly payments, or sign-up cost.

Free CRM
(Coming Soon)

DOSS Social wants to help you manage your database to increase your referrals and bottom line.

Support & Training

Account Managers will provide weekly online podcasts and webinars to teach best practices to help you refer more deals.

How It Works?

It’s simple... 5 Steps to become a Social Agent:


Signup to transfer your license


Execute Onboarding Paperwork


Order your Business Cards
(not required)


Start referring your family and friends


Get paid!


Does it cost anything to transfer my real estate license to DOSS Social?

Maybe... Most states charge a small fee, other states don’t charge anything at all.

What am I required to execute in the Onboarding Paperwork?

Standard documents: Independent Contractor Agreement, Operations Manual, and W9.