General FAQ's

Is DOSS Social an Anti-REALTOR® company?

Not at all... Actually, everything about the DOSS brand is in support of REALTORS® lowering their expenses, increasing their bottom line, and providing cutting edge technology that provides useful results.

Is DOSS a Tech Company?

Yes. DOSS Social is a subsidiary of DOSS Group, a technology company with a passion to empower Agents throughout the country.

How much does it cost to sign-up with DOSS Social?

Zero. It’s absolutely free...

Are there any Annual or Monthly Broker Fees?

Nope. There are never any annual or monthly fees...

Are there any hidden fees?

No. There will never be a cost to hang with DOSS Social.

Why don’t I have to pay Association or MLS Dues?

Because, as a Social Agent, you no longer have to be a Member. DOSS Social is a “REFERRAL ONLY” Non-Association/MLS Brokerage.

Do I need access to the MLS or a Supra Key?

No. As a Social Agent, you will refer deals to REALTORS® throughout the country. They will work with your clients, take them on tours, write contracts, and pay you a referral fee when the deal closes.

What does “REFERRAL ONLY” Brokerage mean?

It means that our Social Agents only refer their co-workers, family, and friends to an experienced REALTOR®. They do not actively work with clients.

What is a Social Agent?

It’s a lifestyle... It’s a person that has a real estate license that wants the best systems and tech tools available to actively and easily refer as many deals as possible.

What’s the difference between a Real Estate Agent and a Social Agent?

Technically speaking, there is no difference. However, DOSS is a tech company. Social Agents have a significant technological advantage in comparison to other real estate agents.

What makes DOSS Social different from other Real Estate Referral Brokerages?

There are several notable differences. However, other than the fact that DOSS Social is a tech company, the second biggest difference is that it's always free to hang with us. DOSS never charges signup fees, annual or monthly fees, etc.. NEVER!

What if I join DOSS Social and eventually want to become a REALTOR® again?

DOSS Social is here to always support REALTORS® and our Social Agents no matter the stage of your career. You can leave and come back anytime.

I’m licensed in one state, but moved to another. Can I refer deals where I live now, although I’m not licensed in this state?

Yes. As long as you are a Social Agent with an ACTIVE license, you can be anywhere and refer deals anywhere in the United States.

Can I refer deals to an iBuyer and get paid for it?

YES. DOSS Social refers our deals to OpenDoor for a 1% referral fee.

Is there a limit to how many deals I can refer?

Not at all. Our objective is to give you the support, systems, and tools to close as many deals as you can refer.

What if I don’t close a deal all year?

No problem... Try again the next year.

Will I be charged anything if I don’t close a deal?

Nope. You will never be charged for hanging with DOSS Social.

What if I have an INACTIVE license?

No problem... Submit your information to become a Social Agent and we will help you get ACTIVE as soon as possible.

Can I become a Social Agent if I don't have a real estate license?

No. However, you can attend a local real estate school to get your license and become a Social Agent. It pays to be social...

Is there a DOSS Social office in my area?

DOSS is a technology startup. However, we are currently signing up DOSS Social Independent Associates(Brokers) in your area. Once we do, you can join their team and work out of their office with their Agents or Teams.