REALTORS®, Get Referrals

REALTORS®, the best lead(s) is a warm referral. Our Social Agents are referring their Co-workers, Family, and Friends to REALTORS® throughout the country each and everyday. At DOSS Social, our objective is convenience, ease, and speed. We are seeking the best REALTORS® throughout the country to send leads and who understand our referral offering. We believe this win-win situation can increase everybody’s bottom line for years to come.


What’s the referral fee?

Our referral fee is 35%.

What are the quality of clients that I can expect from a Social Agent?

Great question! All of our Buyers will be referred to you with a pre-approval letter to save time. Renters will be pre-screened. Sellers will be ready to sell!

I want to register and receive leads from DOSS Social Agents: