I want a Referral Team

Are you an individual REALTOR® or TEAM that wants to exclusively build your own Referral Agent TEAM to increase your bottom line and production? We have the perfect solution! DOSS created a universal opportunity to empower Brokers to become a DOSS Social Independent Associate to add more value to the REALTORS® and TEAMS under their brokerage.


As a REALTOR®, I can build my own personal team of Social Agents next to my current Broker?

YES! Social Agents want to work with REALTORS® and TEAMS to help them increase their business. They can do Open Houses, House Warming Parties, etc... When they get a Buyer, Renter, or Seller all of those leads will come exclusively to you.

As a REALTOR® or TEAM, is there a limit to the number of Social Agents we can have on our team??

NO! It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 or 50 Social Agents... If you can build a successful team of Social Agents that want to be apart of your thriving team, then why put a limit on it? Let’s do it!

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